Leadership can be lonely and isolating, especially when you don’t have a support system or even others who understand the responsibility and ‘weight’ of leadership. Maybe all you need is a community of other Christians just trying to lead and influence well, or maybe you need 1:1 coaching as you work on developing your leadership abilities. Whatever you need, please seek it out and find the support you need!


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1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a wonderful way to get personalized support as you navigate and grow on your leadership journey. The process of coaching is one that uses questions and listening to help the coachee (that’s you) gain clarity in the area they are working through. Coaching is not consulting, so the coachee won’t be ‘told what to do’. As a coach, I believe that you know your situation best, so my role is just to help guide your self-discovery process and to keep you accountable to your learning and development goals.